Starting up in 2007, the company Heliometer developed lectures about scientific and technical aspects of renewable resources and ways to take advantage of them. Beside physical opportunities and technical applications to use Wind Energy, Solar Energy, and Hydro Energy (lectures: Regenerative Energy Techniques I+II), Heliometer's offers contain lectures about Energy Meteorology, Basic Energy Modelling and Energy Economy. All lectures are given by a lecturer from Heliometer and are available in German and English.
The products, and lecturers respectively, of Heliometer are offered to universities, schools, and companies.

Site evaluation

Allthough it is not the main target of Heliometer any more, site specific solar radiation data are still available. This type of data helps planning power plants, such as photovoltaic panels and solar thermal power plants. Both global irradiance and direct normal radiance data are available for Europe, the Lower East , and parts of Africa.

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